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    Latest from RMPBS
    RMPM Nears Completion on the Buell Public Media Center

    RMPM Nears Completion on the Buell Public Media Center

    Learn more about our new 彩乐乐彩票网外围平台 in Arapahoe Square and read our latest construction updates.

    Introducing RMPBS Passport

    Introducing RMPBS Passport

    Our newest member benefit gives you extended access to an on-demand library of quality public television programming.

    RMPBS News

    A day to remember a Colorado veteran

    Last Updated by Linda Kotsaftis on

    A veteran was laid to rest in Colorado Springs Friday. While the rest of us were trying to maneuver a commute or keep kids entertained on a snow day, a group of 350-400 people showed up at Pikes Peak National Cemetery.

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    Boulder County emphasizes mental health services for offenders

    Last Updated by John Ferrugia, Phil Maravilla on

    At the Boulder County Jail, incarceration means an immediate mental health evaluation, and it begins at the booking desk.

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    No security blanket: Rural Colorado jails struggle to provide mental health treatment

    Posted by John Ferrugia, Phil Maravilla on

    When a detainee is suffering a mental health crisis, Rio Grande county deputies and staff keep watch from a desk just steps outside the holding cells. Periodically, they enter the cell to check on the person and offer calming words. But they are not trained mental health professionals.

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    The never-ending cycle of the mental health hold: How many M-1 holds does it take before a person in crisis can get real help?

    Last Updated by John Ferrugia, Phil Maravilla on

    Forrest Williams spent more than a year in the Arapahoe County jail -- not for any crime, but awaiting mental health treatment so the 25-year-old could be deemed competent to face charges of threatening Judith Wilson, Williams' mother.

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    Watch Live: The Trump Impeachment Trial

    Last Updated by Joe Davidson on

    Live coverage is expected to continue Monday at 11am. House managers and Trump’s legal team will deliver closing arguments Monday, and a final vote is expected Wednesday.

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